My Impossible List

Current 5 Focus Items:

  • Complete Camp NaNoWrimo both times as well as the official November challenge in 2018.
  • Apply to Study Abroad for Summer of 2018
  • Learn to cook new varieties of food.
  • Release a YouTube video every week in May 2017.
  • Do 10 pushups and run a mile every morning for 7 days straight.

Last 5 Completed Goals:

  • Win the official NaNoWrimo challenge (completed November 2016).
  • Start a YouTube channel (started April 2017).

Fitness & Health:

  • Participate in a 5K run.
  • Run a mile in under 10 minutes.
  • Try Crossfit.
  • Do 50 pushups in one set.
  • Learn Parkour.
  • Do a handstand.
  • Ride my horse in 2-point for 10 minutes.

Professional Life:

  • Start a podcast.
  • Start a YouTube channel (completed April 2017).
    • Release 5 videos.
  • Get 50,000 blog visits, all time.
  • Grow an email subscriber list to 500.
  • Self-publish a non-fiction book.
  • Make $500 in a month from my creative businesses.

Habits to Try:

  •  Do a morning workout 4x a week for two months.
  • Meditate for 3 minutes a day, 30 days in a row.
  • Read 25 pages of a book every day for 100 days in a row.
  • Live with only 300 possessions for a full year.

Creativity – Writing:

  • Win the official NaNoWriMo (completed November 2016).
    • Win both Camps and the official Nano in one year.
  • Publish a sci-fi novella.
  • Publish a companion novel to Rebellion.
  • Read 5000 books.
  • Complete all my old unfinished projects.

Creativity – Artwork:

  • Paint something related to my passion for music.
  • Sell a piece of artwork.
  • Turn an instrument into a piece of art.
  • See Starry Night (Van Gogh) in person.
  • See David (Michelangelo) in person.
  • See The Last Supper (da Vinci) in person.

Creativity – Musical:

  • Graduate with a bachelors degree in music.
  • Record a song (with me singing).
  • Record a piano album.
  • Record a collaborative song (can be instrumental or vocal).
  • Become a certified music therapist.
  • Perform as a street musician.
  • Learn to play a brass or wind instrument.
  • Learn perfect pitch.
  • Compose a song.
  • Own my own grand piano.

Other Skills:

  • Become fluent in German.
  • Become fluent in French.
  • Learn to skateboard.
  • Learn archery.
  • Get my concealed handgun license.

Fun/Insane (aka Bucket List Items):

  • Climb a volcano.
  • Be an extra in a major movie.
  • Dog sled.
  • Learn to sail.
  • Ride in a hot air balloon.
  • Bathe an elephant.
  • Swim in the ocean.

Events to Attend:

  • See the Northern Lights.
  • Attend ComicCon.
  • Go on a cattle drive.


  • Visit every continent.
    • North America (live here).
    • Europe (2015).
  • Visit all 50 states.
  • Visit 20 countries.
  • Visit the Great Wall of China.
  • Live in Europe for 6 months.

Life in General:

  • Own land of my own.