new | essence of a dreamer

Hello beautiful people!  Today I was originally going to tell you about how my life has been working out and all the changes that have been happening lately.

But instead… I am going to give you a preview of the new website and brand. Did I tell you that we’re getting a new website? Well… its true!

I’ve decided to re-brand in order to accommodate what I’ve really been wanting to do with my websites and online presence. L’Art Classique will continue to exist, but everything is going to move over to a new place.Dreamer's Essence

I’m going to focus more on the young adult lifestyle and become even more honest about mental health and how it affects the average person in today’s world. Also, I have plans to do quite a bit more traveling in the near future, which is something that I’ve always wanted to write more about.

I’ll explain more about what prompted these changes next week – on the new website. For now, stay connected with my social media to find out more as things progress.

All my love!

-K (The Girl with a Dream)


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