paragraphs of chaos

Happy Tuesday, my darlings!

The past week has been… weird… to say the least. That’s why I haven’t had blog posts or videos or anything up lately. So… I guess I’m sorry?  To sort of make up for this (in a twisted, strange sort of way), I figured I would talk about everything that’s been going on lately. 🙂

During the last week I spent way too much time struggling with a bad cycle of depression, this time combined with the extra stab of hormonal imbalances. But different from my last spiral, I had deadlines to meet and I was already moving too quickly with projects by the time it hit, so that I couldn’t stop. In a way, that is a good thing because I still managed to get things done, but it also meant that I wasn’t stopping to deal with what was going wrong. I spent more than a few nights without sleep, ate badly, blew up at several of my loved ones for no real reason whatsoever, and didn’t get anything extra done at all. It’s been a bit rough, obviously.

It also feels like I haven’t been home much at all lately. A week ago I went on a day trip with my boyfriend, the day after that I spent in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex helping a friend move, and then two days after that I went to Oklahoma with my sisters. Between that and working on projects both at home and away from home, its been a little crazy.

Speaking of projects, I had promised my parents’ church several months back that I would help with their Vacation Bible School, which is actually happening this week. My commitment involved building a set for the main stage, which included two dog sleds – a much more difficult project that I had originally anticipated!

I’ve been trying to work on my health problems again lately, figuring out what diet variations work for me, what sleep patterns are most conducive to my day, etc. It’s also not an easy task, but one that is necessary if I am going to make it through the fall semester.

My 23rd birthday is next month, and since I am back in my hometown for the summer, I decided to go ahead and plan a party as an easy way to get together with as many of my old friends as possible. The current plan is an outdoor evening party with twinkle lights and grilling, but everything is subject to change, right?

That more or less wraps up my little ‘life update’ for this week. Now that we all have that behind us, we can return to regularly scheduled programming. Maybe.

Lots of love!

-K 🙂


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