Summer Plans

Happy Tuesday, my beautiful people! I apologize for the lack of content lately. Being in a new environment, living situation, and around a lot more people than usual makes for a very different dynamic.

Finals went quite well and while I’m not 100% happy with all of my grades, I am satisfied for the moment. Immediately after my last final exam, I left with three of my best friends for a week of vacation and relaxing. It was so perfectly what I needed after the stress of the semester. I was very silent for that week and the week following for the reason that I was in the process of moving my house across Texas and settling back into life in the country. That process means that for the next three months I’m living with my horses outside my bedroom window, no highway noises to wake me up in the middle of the night, a seven hour drive between myself and my boyfriend (not a good thing), and a thousand trees and flowers to make me smile.

I am quite satisfied with this arrangement for the time being. It’s relaxing to be back in the place I grew up in happily. But I have no intention of sitting around for the rest of the summer. Now that the long weekend is over, I am jumping head first into the process of finding part time work, getting back into blogging schedules, and being productive and active with my life. Part of me is happy that I’m no longer being lazy, but another part of me is a little fussy about the fact because its summer vacation and OF COURSE I should be watching Netflix and eating ice cream all day long. Obviously.

I have several plans for the summer, as of right now. I intend to work hard on my editorial calendar for this blog and get a good backup file of content to help with next semester. There is a lot to work out with housing situations and logistics for the fall, work to find, and normal projects and housework to deal with.

Beyond that, I will be camping with my family this upcoming weekend, followed by a few days spent with one of my dear best friends. Two weeks after that, I have promised a reasonable portion of my time to my parents’ church for their summer children’s program. Shortly after that, I am hoping to make a trip back to my college town to see a few friends and spend a few days traveling Texas at the same time.

My birthday is also in July, and several of my friends are wanting to put together a birthday party for me, so if that happens, then that is another event that will take up some of my time – arguable a lot of my time, but also well-spent time, so its worth it!

Apart from all of that… I should have a reasonable amount of free time that I hope to spend with my horses, my friends, and the wonderful outdoors that is available to me.

It should be a lovely summer.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!

All my love, -Katharine


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