Dream Big

Hello, beautiful people! Hope your week is going along splendidly.

Quick life update – finals start a week from today (for me at least) and once I’ve managed to survive all of those, then I’ll be moving across state for the summer. The next 2-3 weeks are going to be a little bit crazy, but I’m already on top of what will be posted here for that time period, so no worries for any of us.

Dream Big.png

Last week I chatted a bit about my Impossible list, compared it to a bucket list, and rambled for a while about my reasons behind each of the items on my list. Building off of that, I wanted to talk a little bit more about dreams and goals. For the longest time I made very specific goals for every month, always wrote out lists, and made incredibly detailed plans. And yet somehow it never worked out that I got much more done that way. After I moved and started school, I completely dropped those practices for a time, but in the past few months I have regained my fascination with planning and lists. This time, however, I have been focusing much more on my day to day goals and/or long term dreams.

Many people and websites talk about the benefits of making five or ten year plans and I actually agree with them for the most part. But look up the idea on Google and you’ll find that a lot of people don’t actually agree with it at all. They believe that giving yourself a long term plan like that forces you to sell yourself short and reject other opportunities that may come along in the meantime. And I also agree with those people.

That is why I think this goes hand in hand with the post I wrote last week. Making these lists and plans is absolutely a good thing – IF your intentions are reasonable. I’m working on a 5 and 10 year plan for my life right now, but here’s the thing: I know with absolute certainty that life can change at any given moment, however, I also know with absolute certainty that making music and writing books is something that will always be in my life. I know that I will always be dealing with the various health problems that I have. Keeping those things in mind, I can make a long-term plan that focuses on those things.

I know that in five years, when I’m out of college and completely supporting myself, I want to be making my living solely off of my musicianship and writing ability. I know that right now I am very happy to be single and living alone, but I’m not writing out my plans in a way that would completely reject the idea of getting married in the next five or ten years.

Life absolutely is not certain. We don’t know what is going to happen to us tomorrow or whether our life will change drastically in the next year. We may find a new passion somewhere along the road that completely changes our course of interest. But if you want to go on a trip to another country and its all you’ve dreamt about since you were young, then absolutely make a plan that will allow you to make that dream come true in the next five years.

As I work on my own 5 and 10 year plans, I’ll be sharing snippets of them on my social media pages. Go and follow me there, especially on Instagram (I’m a little addicted), and share what you think about long-term life planning!

Till Friday (new fiction piece is coming then!), keep being brave and magical!



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