Dreaming of the Impossible

Hello darlings, and happy Tuesday! At least, I am doing my ultimate best to make it a happy Tuesday, but if you’re in the same situation as I am, with finals coming up, and sleep being nonexistent, its more of a manic happy than anything else.

Nothing is really out of reach.

Anyways, today I wanted to talk about a page that I have had up on this site for quite a long while now. I’ve been leaving it pretty much alone, and even thought about removing it completely, but then I went back to look at it a few days ago and it gave me such a burst of motivation and excitement that I just couldn’t take it down. That page is My Impossible List.

If you haven’t glanced through it, go do that right now and see what you think. At first glance it looks like a bucket list of sorts. But I’m linking here to the website of a guy that started this thing. And the whole idea of the Impossible List versus a normal bucket list is that you only put things on the list that you really really want to do in your life. Honestly, I’m not good at explaining the actual reasoning behind it, but go read his website and you’ll get a good sense of what it means.

So for my Impossible List, I split it up into quite a few different categories. At the top, I put down 5 items that are my current focus, usually projects or steps that I’m taking to complete a larger item on the list. Then, I keep a list of the last 5 things that I completed, which was empty until a few days ago when I read through it all and realized that I had made some great progress! The important thing about this is that what goes on these two segments are not necessarily the big goals that I’ll list further down. They can absolutely be small baby steps, because the whole point is that you are making progress towards the huge goals.

After those two segments, then I have everything split up into the different areas of my life to make it more organized. It looks like a lot, but life isn’t just about one thing, is it?

I have a Fitness and Health section, where I’ve put down various things that I would like to be able to do physically, even if its just to try a new sport, like Parkour or CrossFit. Looking at this section brings up another very important point.

Make your goals big enough to be challenging, but small enough to be manageable.

For example, under this heading, I have the goal to be able to ride my horse in 2-point position for at least 10 minutes. Now, I would love to be able to do it for longer, but as of right now I can’t even make it past a minute riding in that position before I die of exhaustion and fall off the horse. But if I were to put down that I want to be able to ride in 2-point position for 30 minutes, that would seem completely unreachable and it would just sit there on my list and scare me. But 10 minutes sounds much more reachable. Once I reach that goal, then I can cross it off and add underneath it: “Ride my horse in 2-point position for 20 minutes.” I can build on each item.

I have a Professional Life category, which I won’t talk about much, since a lot of the items on that list involve my goals for this blog, but most of them are also things that are manageable and can be built on.

One of my favorite categories is the one that I labeled as Habits to Try. I have some interesting ones on here, like ‘living with only 300 possessions for a full year.’ Extreme minimalism is an idea that I’ve always been fascinated by and while I don’t think that it is really a feasible lifestyle, it is something that I want to experience.

Creativity is a huge part of my life, and therefore it has several different categories. I have a segment for Writing, and I did a happy dance while writing this because I realized that I was able to cross ‘winning NanoWrimo’ off my list! Now I have the goal of completing both Camps and the Official Month in one year on there! I have an Artwork segment, which is partially just a list of art and sculpture that I want to see in person.

Following the Creativity section, I do have some crazy bucket list items that aren’t necessarily feasible, but that I would love to experience. This includes places to go and things to see.

My favorite thing about this list and how it works is the fact that there isn’t much of a time limit (well, apart from my life span I guess), as well as how simple it seems. Regular “bucket lists” so often feel like a list of things that will never happen; things that we want but don’t believe we can actually attain.

I see this Impossible List as a massive collection of goals, all of which I totally have the power to achieve or drop as I see fit. I may never actually become fluent in French, but it could happen. And if I decide that I never want to paint again in my life, then I am free to completely scratch those items out of the list.

What about you? If you had to make an Impossible List for yourself, what would be on it? Let me know – dreaming big is one of the best parts of life!

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