Broken Thoughts

Broken Thoughts

Hello darlings! Hopefully this week is treating you well and not attempting to murder you with ridiculous adult life problems or illnesses or car accidents or… well a myriad of other disastrous possibilities.

Life is both good and bad for me at the moment. I think that if I look at everything very objectively its fairly good and I’m doing alright! But I have dozens of moments every day where I need to scream whilst running in a circle because… life? school? I don’t know.

My classes are going well. It’s just been hard to stay on top of everything (and in fact I have failed miserably in certain areas, but that’s another topic). My car still runs, but I’m struggling to get it to pass inspection because of the idiotic headlight problems that it has. So there is that.

Easter is this coming weekend and I’m going to be driving back to my hometown for the long weekend. Part of what scares me about going away for a weekend is the fact that there is so much homework to do, but homework is quite difficult to complete when one is socializing with family and friends or celebrating holidays. But this time around I really, /really/ need to study over the short break, so I’m trying to pack accordingly. Which brings up packing in general. I’m not fond of it.

Well, I say that. In reality, I enjoy the part of fitting things together and making lists and cleaning the house so that it will be perfect when I get back (which it probably won’t since I’m leaving the cats behind), but its also makes me so anxious to pack or get ready to leave. I become worried about all the things I’m forgetting, obsessive about getting everything done before leaving, and stressed about what might happen while I’m away.

Basically, I’ve been getting most things in my life done, but also been panicking. A lot. And that’s okay! Or at least I hope it is.

As I mentioned last week, I had decided to – how did I put it?  Ah yes… “be an absolute crazy person and participate in Camp NanoWrimo”…

As of the final edit of this post, I was almost 2000 words behind where I “should” be for the day, but since I have at least 2-3 hours set aside later today for writing, that doesn’t bother me at all. I’m loving the project I set myself for this month – which is basically a series of one-shot scenes that portray the life of a young woman. I actually even wrote an elevator pitch for it (I never do those).

{A collection of glimpses into an undecided and confusing life. A series of snapshots, if you will.}

Appropriately, I’ve nicknamed it “Snapshots. I’m practicing my character studies, learning how to build friendships between my different characters, figuring out modern real-world settings and overall, just adjusting to writing something that is NOT fantasy or sci-fi. Sometimes its frustrating and I have a difficult time, but for the most part it seems to be working out very well. I am quite pleased.

More on that in this weekend’s video… which I did not say anything about yet. Whoops.

Yeah, I’ve started filming videos for my YouTube channel. I’m putting them up on weekends when I can get the time to upload them and the plan is to chat about various things related to life and college and… well, more of what I talk about in this blog already. So, I’ll see you then!

Farewell till next time, my magical unicorns!! ~K out



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