Spring Came Early

Tuesday is the best day of the week! I’m still running on the first dose of motivation from Monday, but I’m also tired from the first run of classes and homework assignments. It’s a weird combination and I really enjoy it.

Over the past week, there have been several different projects due, a few too many rehearsals going on for me to remain sane, and an enormous lack of sleep.

I have three different midterm exams happening over the next few days, which is absolutely fantastic. Thank God that spring break is next week, because I am going to spend all of it as far away from Lubbock and college and adult life as possible. <insert maniacal grin here>


I mentioned sometime last week that I’ve been focusing on priorities more in my life, and while overall I would say that I’m figuring that out, the day-to-day stuff is a bit harder. Such as waking up early with your alarm, and very deliberately turning it off to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep instead of writing in a journal like your therapist told you to do in the mornings. Or planning what to cook for a healthy dinner while on the bus, and then picking up ice cream before even getting home. I can’t be the only one who does this, right? Ah well. Life is weird that way. But the big thing lately has been changing my frame of mind on a regular basis. Even on the days that I make myself do homework instead of getting the right amount of sleep.

Before spring break actually starts, hopefully all the paperwork is finished to officially change my college degree. I’ll be switching tracks away from music education and into a more generalized field of music study, which will allow me to get the more varied experience that I want as well as the creative writing minor that I’ve been interested in. It’s a bit of a big change, but it really makes me happy to be doing this, so here goes!




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