Priorities and Plans

So, yesterday, I rambled on for a while about what has been going on in my life thus far in the spring semester, the fact that writing has been complicated lately, and life choices in general.

Anyways, I’ve been working on a bit of a revised blogging plan for this year. Of course, I can’t exactly share everything that I’ve been working on because that would be cheating, but for right now, I’m going back to regularly scheduled posts, although I will be moving my weekly post from Monday to Tuesday. I will also be adding a second post, approximately every other week or so, so keep an eye out for those!

Without getting into too much detail, I can say that I am also working on some creative projects that will veer somewhat out of the realm of the written word. [Assuming that I continue on my current track] you will want to stay in the loop with the progress that is happening – in all areas!

To change subjects, a big focus of my thoughts right now is on priorities in my life, and how that affects what I do on an everyday basis. School, because of its deadlines and constant projects, tends to become a top priority in every college student’s life, and I am no exception in that, as one can tell quite easily just from reading any of my blog posts!

Beyond school, one of the biggest priorities for me right now is learning more about myself and growing into those lessons. This applies to just general personal growth as well as a deeper spiritual growth. I have been in the process of becoming involved in my local church, and recently started going to therapy to help work through some things. I strongly believe that knowing who you are as a person is incredibly helpful to doing anything useful in life.

Even though this post is short, I don’t feel particularly bad about it because I already have another one scheduled for Friday, so stay tuned!



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