Update on Life

It’s been far too long, once again, and I suppose I should apologize for that. But, as is usually the case when I take a break from blogging, the reason is as simple as ‘I had nothing to post’. I needed some time away from the internet to recharge, reevaluate, and just rest. (Well, that and also get a handle on this semester of school!)

I’ve said this before, but writing in general has been hard lately. Even though I love the writing process and the creative outlet that it provides for me, there are still those times when I have absolutely zero desire to use words to express myself. And over the last few weeks, whenever I do feel an urge to write, its consistently been fiction ideas, mostly for short stories or poems. And even when I have those ideas, I am still perfectly content to plot everything out in my head and never actually put words down on a page.

Writing isn’t the only area where this lack of ideas or interest has been showing up in recent weeks. Overall, in my everyday life, I have felt incredibly quiet and much more private about everything. Even though I don’t mind whether or not people know what I am up to, I go through spurts where I just don’t want to share my life online. This generally stems from my struggle with consistent productivity as well as symptoms of depression. I am dealing with this in several different ways and am obviously doing better, otherwise I probably would not be writing this post!

The biggest focus, as always, is still college! Everything about school has been really tough this semester, and it certainly is not just me that feels this way. Everyone that I talk to, both in my own department and other departments, is just completely worn out from classes and homework and busy schedules. I had to deal with a flu two weeks into the semester, and there have been a lot of major assignments and projects, as well as rehearsals, at least for me! Overall, I have been staying on top of my work, turning in almost everything on time, and somehow managing to sleep… sometimes… but there is absolutely no room for slacking off or being lazy. Last week was our first major exam, which I did a lot better on than I was expecting to. Thank goodness for knowing how to study!

As I have talked about in other posts over the last six months, there has been a lot of uncertainty as to what I intend to do with my school career, and the only thing I can really say about that at this point, is that I still do not have any answers. I do feel better about school, overall, and may actually decide to complete my degree, but there is nothing set in stone. It is an ongoing process, to be sure, and there are some other factors coming into play that I was not thinking about before, so anything might happen! And I’m totally okay with that, at least for the moment!

Now that we are all caught up on how my life has been recently, and why it has kept me away from blogging, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – I will be talking about what changes occurred mentally for me during my break and how that is going to affect my online presence going forward. Enjoy!


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