Loving Yourself

as the seasons change

Hello internet! Thanksgiving is over and we are officially into the Christmas season, which makes me happy! I just got back from visiting my family for the holidays and it was fantastic to spend time in the country with my animals. Anyways, today is kind of like a stream-of-consciousness blog post, so enjoy that!


Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I do love all of them and get excited at each change, but these two make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Part of it is the holidays – I love all the excitement and happiness that comes with them. Also just the way that the seasons change during this time of year, preparing for new things and new growth. As a horse owner, I know how frustrating winter can be, but even so I can’t help but love it anyways. The way that snow just covers everything perfectly in white and the fall leaves layer the ground in multi colored textures. It’s perfect. I know that not everyone feels this way, but you have to admit that there is a certain magic to it!

People have always talked about how our lives are like seasons. We grow and change and we like certain seasons of our life more than others, just like we prefer spring over winter. But the reality is that every single time of our life, just like every season of the year, is necessary. We need the drastic changes that winter brings, just like we need the growth that happens in spring. We learn something new every day, whether that be good or bad.

Thanksgiving is over now and now Christmas season is in full swing (just kidding, I started singing Winter Wonderland weeks ago) and for me personally, I’m about to dive headfirst into studying and cramming for finals so that I can make some good grades and go home for the winter holidays and enjoy that time with my family and my animals. Truthfully, life is only as full as you make it. And by full, I don’t mean busy and crazy. I mean beautiful and exploding with all the good things and the love that you put into it.

There is never a wrong season of life that you can be in. We are all precisely where we need to be at this moment. And you can make what you will out of that. But what is most important of all is to make sure you have as full of a life as you can possibly manage right here, right now. You won’t regret it.

How can you be happy in the season of life that you are in right now?

Whether you’re in an enjoyable season of life, or one that isn’t easy at all, what is one thing about this moment that shows you that you are where you need to be right now?

That’s all for today, so start getting into the Christmas spirit! I’m going to buckle down for finals and juries in the next two weeks, but even so, that is exactly what I want and need to be doing with my life at this time. Create some magic, y’all!


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