6 Reasons NOT to Participate in NanoWrimo

Intro. Hello internet! If you follow me, or anyone else who writes, then you’ve probably heard of NanoWrimo. If you don’t haven’t heard of it, then go read the post I did about it a few weeks ago.

Today I’m here to give you some reasons why you should NOT participate in NanoWrimo. Never. Just don’t do it.


For one, you will get very small amounts of sleep because your novel will always be on your mind. You’ll be counting those words in your dreams. When you get into your warm and cozy bed, your characters will be on the backs of your eyelids. You cannot sleep comfortably for the 30 nights in November.

The real reason you can’t sleep properly is because you will always feel guilty. As in, every moment of every day that your fingers are not either holding a pencil or on a keyboard. When you take a break to cook a meal you will feel guilty because you could have written another thousand words in that hour of time that you so foolishly wasted on creating something nourishing for your body. When you attempt to clean your house, you will slowly migrate back to your computer to type in a few hundred more words. Guilt will permeate every facet of your being in November.


If you’re not American, then lucky you. But for those of us in the States, say goodbye to a wonderful relaxing holiday. That guilt that I talked about in the last paragraph? If you decide to take the day off to enjoy family and food, you will see hallucinations of your characters in the mashed potatoes and gravy. And when you get back to writing on Friday? You will see those numbers staring back at you and cry in shame that you didn’t spend yesterday writing.

Maybe you’re someone who likes to get your Christmas shopping done early. Yeah. Either you got it done in October, or you’re waiting until December because remember, you have no life other than words during NanoWrimo.  Besides, your money is all being spent on coffee, chocolate, and various other sources of caffeine. Word count is everything.


Next time your friends invite you to a night out on the town, see how they respond to this: “Sorry, I can’t come out tonight! I still have to write two thousand words on this horrible novel and that’s more important than spending time with you!” Do I need to expand on this? You will have no social life during November, and possibly not even during December, depending on how well your friends and family take to being put second after a book.

And not only that. If you make it through the month and by some magical power, manage to reach the coveted 50,000 words, what will you have to show for it? A draft full of typos, run on sentences, bad grammar, and plot holes galore? There is no way to make it through NanoWrimo and have your novel draft be anything but absolutely bloody awful. It is not possible.

Have I discouraged you enough yet? Hopefully if you’ve thought about participating in this insanity of a challenge, you’ll rethink your decision now that I’ve shown you what really happens to us writers during the month of November.

Now please excuse me while I go back to working on my NanoWrimo project, since apparently I could not take my own advice!  Create some magic!


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