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i quit my job

Hello there internet! I can’t believe I’ve been keeping to this Monday schedule thing, but its happening. Pat on the back to me!

So today I want to talk about a choice that I made a while ago that affected my life in a really major way. I quit my full-time job to focus on building this blog/small business up. I quit my job to follow my dreams. And it needs to be talked about.


Just about everyone (hopefully) would agree that college is pretty tough and tends to be stressful on students. There is a lot of homework, a lot of high expectations, and some quite difficult material to learn. As a music major, my schedule is hectic and full. My planner has not only my classes blocked out, but also ensemble rehearsal times, when I have practice rooms reserved, lesson times, concerts and call times. Whatever is left over after all of that is when I do my assignments, papers, and read the textbooks. It’s tough to keep it all straight.

Last semester I worked full-time straight through the semester, and yes, I survived, but to be honest, my grades suffered in a major way and my health declined quite a bit during that time. This semester, my class schedule allowed me to work more hours, but I realized one week in that there was no way I could continue doing it. So I decided to focus on school alone.

…it was not going to work out.

Making the decision to leave your source of income is hard. It took me over two weeks of the semester to put in my notice because I was scared. This wasn’t just leaving one job to go find another one, it was actually becoming a full-time student. Not something simple by any means. But when I would look at what the stress and late hours were doing to me mentally and physically, there didn’t seem to be much choice in the matter. In another situation, maybe if I had not been in school, it would have been alright, but with everything else that was going on, it was not going to work out.

The oldest piece of advice out there is to ‘find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’. I think that can be taken with a grain of salt, but in the most basic sense, don’t stay in a job that will mess around with your beliefs and your happiness. It will affect your health and your sanity. At the very least, find a job that you don’t utterly hate. I’m getting a degree in music education and most of my professors are very frank and say that the logistics that they have to deal with in their jobs are hellish, to say the least! But they love teaching music and that makes it worthwhile!

It has been incredibly worth it.

For me personally, I had to decide what my priorities were in life. Obviously school was a big one, but my own health and dreams were very high on the list. Having a job or plenty of money just wasn’t as important to me. Sure, I live on a very tight budget now, and sometimes that is stressful, but it has been incredibly worth it. I’ve been able to catch up on my schoolwork, and I’ve been working out what I really want to do with my life and getting started on that because I now have more time, much more energy, and most importantly the relaxation and motivation to focus on those things. It’s incredible!

Have you ever reached a point where you had to consider your health and happiness over a secure job or position? What would your response be like?

What would be your breaking point when your health and happiness would become more important than a secure job? How would you respond?

That’s about it for today!  If you aren’t already following me on Facebook and Instagram, do so immediately! I’ve been posting videos throughout the week with updates on how I’m progressing with NanoWrimo and other exciting news. Have a great week!  #createyourmagic



2 thoughts on “i quit my job”

  1. I love following your story. 🙂

    I’ve worked for myself in some capacity since I was 16. Sure I’ve had other jobs here and there, but I’ve always held onto my own thing, even if it had to be part time. There is something incredibly fulfilling about being in charge of your own work time.
    But at the end of 2015 I realized something had to change. I’d built my company to the max I could handle on my own, with an assistant. I couldn’t grow any more and I was too busy to school my kids AND be a good wife and mom. I didn’t want to give it all up, but I couldn’t keep going. I finally made the decision to sell my blog, “fire” all but 2 marketing clients, and a month later, one of those dropped me anyway. So, I had one client and I made a deal with him to be on retainer for a set amount each month for a set amount of hours. I’ve since done some one-off projects for other people, and picked up two other clients that I do very little for. But it’s been the biggest blessing! I make just as much per month as I did before. I absolutely love what I’m doing, and I don’t have the stress of dealing with a couple dozen different clients. I can schedule my work out to still have time for my family and that means the most!

    It wasn’t easy to take that leap of faith and drop all those clients. I had no idea I’d lose my largest client just weeks after that, or whether the remaining one would agree to my terms. I just knew it had to be done. And, I had to trust that I was doing the right thing and that God would fill in and cover our needs. And He did! He always does!

    Never let yourself become too busy for self-improvement (and right now, that probably looks like college homework!) and relaxation. For me that looks like taekwondo, daily reading, and time in the hammock or watching movies with my husband. 🙂


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