nanowrimo 2016

Hello internet! It’s a brand new Monday and it’s also Halloween. This could get interesting. Why? Because today, I’m talking about the wonderful and terrifying challenge of NanoWrimo.

If you don’t know what Nano is, then your life is about to change. NanoWrimo is the ultimate challenge – to write a 50,000 word first draft of a novel in 30 days. It’s challenging and frustrating and hard. But it is awesome.


In The Past. I have participated in Nano three times in the past and actually, I have never won. Last year was the closest I came, with 43,000 words in my draft, although I’ve never managed to finish the draft. Because it always happens in November, there is the fun of Thanksgiving (at least in America), and it also falls right before finals hit, so studying is another challenge. It makes me wonder sometimes why I get so excited about this month of insanity, but every year October comes around and I start planning and plotting and getting crazy again. I think some of the appeal of this challenge is the community – the online forums, my personal group of friends who participate and are already as excited as I am. Some of it is just the challenge of it – you don’t have to share your work with anyone and you don’t even have to be any good at writing, you just have to put words down on a page and that’s it.

This Year’s Project. This November, I’m going to be working on a story that has been in my head for quite a long time. It was inspired by a fairytale and takes place in a mystical land (seriously, will I never write anything besides fantasy fiction?) with a strong female protagonist named Karina who must defend her honor and freedom. I’m feeling pretty good about this story – there were two ideas floating around in my head when I decided to participate this year and I was hesitant about this one, but now that I’ve spent some time outlining and character building, I’m feeling so much more confident. We’re gonna make this work!

How I Plan to Succeed. In the past, I’ve had many things happen. Either my story has wrecked and I’ve gotten stuck halfway through the month, or I just didn’t have enough time. Last year, I moved in November and started a new job so there was just a lot of the time where I didn’t write at all, which of course, ruins the whole thing.

This year, I have good plans. I am going back home for Thanksgiving and my family is coming to visit me the week beforehand, so the more I can get done during the first two weeks, the better. I’ve already been stocking up on coffee and tea, outlining the basic plot points of the story and playing around with my desk setup to find the perfect working space. I’m also going to try the ‘reverse Nano’ plan in which you start off the month with 3,000+ word days and slowly drop the number as the days go on – that should help with the holidays at the end of November. Hopefully! It’s going to be a whole lot of fun, regardless, and I’m looking forward to it!

I’m going to be posting video updates on social media every day of November to let you guys know what I’m up to and give progress reports. The regular Monday blog posts are already written and scheduled, so that won’t go away. These video updates will be on Facebook and Instagram, so you can keep up with my word count on whichever platform you prefer. Hold me accountable!

Are you participating in NanoWrimo this year? Or is it just a super crazy weird idea that makes you think that writers are insane?

So anyway, that’s it! I’m about to run back to campus to finish catching up on homework after a crazy weekend, so have a fantastic week and keep being magical!


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