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Hello internet!  This past week went by far too quickly! I was ill for a few days, there were multiple performances to be in and/or attend, and it was a game weekend at Texas Tech, so life was busy all over the place! But I’m back.

Now. I write a lot about following dreams and being unique and extraordinary. And some people express their individuality through living a different lifestyle, no matter what that is.

One type of idea that I have tried to incorporate into my own life is the idea of minimalism. If you have no idea what that is, go HERE, HERE, and HERE and check it out.

In essence, the idea of minimalism is to de-clutter your possessions and your life so that you only own things that are essential for you to live and you only spend your time on things that you absolutely love. Some people take it to an ultimate extreme, such as owning less than 100 things, but for me personally, I try to find a happy medium. I feel no need to live with only a bare minimum of things, but I have reduced a few things, like my wardrobe, to a lot less than I originally thought I ‘needed’.

Since this concept is quite appealing and fascinating to me, I thought that I would share with you some of the aspects that I have found especially helpful and that I feel are the foundations of this lifestyle.

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Be Intentional. Obviously, the first thing that comes up with minimalism is not having a lot of possessions. This isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of this lifestyle, but it can be a major part of it. But the thing is, having less… things… actually requires you to be very intentional with what you do. Going out and buying something on a whim isn’t an option in this lifestyle because it just doesn’t fit into what you have chosen to do.

A Simpler Life. Because you’re being more intentional with how you live, a lot of things just become a lot simpler. Yes, it often starts with just paring down the physical items that you have in your home to a bare minimum, but for me personally, it often pertains more to than that. When I think about making my lifestyle more minimalist, it makes me think a lot more about what I do with my time. How intentional am I being with how I spend my time? Just as I ask myself questions about what I purchase (Do I need this? Is there something else that would serve this purpose better? Etc.) so I ask myself questions about the things I schedule into my day. Do I need to leave two hours open for my theory homework or could I make one hour of consistent work do just as well? That sort of things. When you have less possessions in your house, you consequently have more available space. And when you remove unnecessary things from your schedule and your day, you consequently have more time for those things that you really love doing. It’s a balance, and it is hard to reach, but for me, minimalism is a mindset that really helps me succeed at achieving that.

Room to Grow. By removing unnecessary things from your life and your home, you are opening up so much space. But what to do with that space? From my perspective, you’ve just given yourself more room to grow and change (hopefully for the better). What better thing could you do for your life than that?

Have you heard of or do you practice minimalism? Why not let me know what you think? It’s a fascinating idea, and while its certainly not for everyone, it is worth looking into!

Y’all have a fantastic day! I’m off to spend the rest of my Monday at a piano as well as prepping for NanoWrimo. Keep being amazing!   K out.


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