Five Random Things

Well hi there! Glad you’re here – not sure why you are, but I’m glad anyways! 🙂  This post is basically 5 things that have been either going on in my life or have been floating around in my head lately. Enjoy!


1) Mental Health. It seems like a lot of my conversations with friends lately have centered around mental health problems and how to deal with them in the everyday world. It’s really really tough to stay sane in today’s crazy busy world where everyone expects so much from us at every moment of every day. Not to say that that is what causes mental illnesses, but it certainly doesn’t help us in identifying and treating these problems that can be so debilitating. So yeah, that’s been on my mind lately – what are the things that we can do on a daily basis to help our mind handle the stress of life and stay focused and sane. It’s a hard road.

2) Opera.  So over the weekend I went up to visit a friend at a different college and we went to see a professional production of The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart). It was absolutely amazing and I seriously cannot believe that I experienced that. I went into it expecting good things but I was so unbelievably impressed by everything about it. Anyways, coming off that high, I realized just how excited I am about the production of The Phantom of the Opera that my city/university next month. The entire city is excited about this production and the shows are already selling out. A friend and I already have tickets for it and its going to be the most perfect thing ever. Opera is so ridiculously cool!

3) Major Decisions. I think I’ve mentioned a little bit of this in my recent previous posts, but I haven’t been as satisfied in my major lately. It’s not that I don’t love what I’m doing at school (I adore music and love it with my entire soul and being) but rather that I want to branch out more. I want to experience more. And I’m not sure what aspect of music I would want to spend my entire life doing. So I’ve been doing a lot of research, just reading other people’s blogs and experiences about changing majors, finding out what they want to do with life. There is just so much to experience and love in this life and its next to impossible to settle down with just one or two things for the rest of time. Etc. Probably more blogging to come on this subject.

4) Music! Obviously anything that is musical somehow relates to my life because MUSIC MAJOR and all that jazz.  *burst into song here, please*  But this isn’t just about me playing music or any of that, but rather about me actually listen to music! I hate to be the typical person, but yes, I have earbuds in while riding the bus every day. So what’s been on my shuffle lately? A lot of Owl City, For King & Country, Troye Sivan, Blackmore’s Night, a little TwentyOne Pilots, and some random 80s music. As always, Disney is thrown into the mix – particularly when I feel like singing at the top of my lungs – and I’ll listen to random worship music and some Josh Groban. And that’s about it!

5) Planners. When I got my extra scholarship money, one of the first things I knew I had to get was a nice planner for the semester. So I got this one and I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT. It’s so pretty, its the perfect size and it has room for all my stuff!  It comes literally everywhere with me. I’m the type of person who will forget to put stuff in a planner and don’t care much about it, but its been nearly a month now since I got it and I’m still carrying it everywhere and get excited every time I pull it out. I’ve added a bit of washi tape to the inside and add fun stickers whenever I feel like it. Seriously, the best thing ever.


That’s about it for today’s post! Obviously that’s not nearly everything that has been going on in my life, but those are some of the main things that have been going on and floating around in my head. Hope you enjoyed this little ramble!


#learning to fly



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