One Week Down

Surviving the first week of school without dying or doing anything extremely rash or crazy? Check.

I survived, yes. But it also felt a whole lot like I crashed and burned dramatically. I was at home very little the entire week. My fridge/freezer stopped working right before school started, so my food situation has been… interesting… to say the least! And I’m still working so that has only added to the stress.

In general, I am ridiculously excited about this semester/year. Since I completed the last of my core requirements during the spring semester, I am able to focus solely on the things that I love to do – aka music and horses and various forms of artwork. Everything should be enjoyable and fun in college, right? <sarcasm intended>

I’m coming up with all sorts of plans on the days that I’m not quite as busy, but then on the days that I have a bazillion appointments and classes and rehearsals, those things just slip away like leaves on the wind. <insert weary sigh>

But things are changing and moving around a little bit in my life and that means…. can you guess it??                                                               More blogging time!  Yay!!

I already have several ideas and plans in motion as far as this blog (and my other business creative ventures) go, so I suppose we’ll just see what happens!

Anyways, this post turned into not at all what I was expecting, so more later on this week is planned!  Stay tuned!



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