A Collection of Thoughts

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post, but its not for lack of trying. I have more drafts sitting in the wings than I care to admit, but none of them are anywhere near finished or ready to publish. Anyways, to get over this small writing block problem, I figured I would entertain you with some rambling thoughts about many different subjects.


Firstly, school is starting in three weeks!  That in itself is hard to believe… the summer slipped through my fingers. But regardless of that, I’m ready to get back into classes and start learning again. We’ll just forget about the fact that I haven’t kept up with practicing or studying since finals ended, which might make getting back into the swing of things a bit harder than expected. Whoops.


Since school is so close to starting, obviously I needed to go back home for a few days, right? Therefore, next week, my family is coming out here to spend a day or two and then I’m taking the kitten and going back with them for a whole week in East Texas. I’m way too excited about seeing my horses again and spending some relaxing time in the country. Things haven’t turned out the way I thought they would as far as moving my horse out here to live with me, but hopefully that still happens very soon. It’s a lot harder to keep a focus in my life without a horse to tend to and ride on a regular basis!


One of the reasons that I have been unable to move my horse out here yet is because the last time I went back to East Texas, I ended up leaving my car there for repairs. And then a few weeks ago, my phone started crashing and I had to take it in for repairs as well. So I’ve been spending all my money on school supplies and repairs for the two most used things in my life. Takes a bit out of my planned expenditures.

But anyways, because of that, I’ve been living without a phone for the last two weeks. When I say that to people, they look at me like I’m insane, and I understand. It’s been a huge hassle to keep in touch with work when I’m not there, and I spend an exorbitant amount of time on campus and at coffee shops using their wifi connections. But in some ways, it has also been nice to be able to spend time at home with the cats and get some stuff done without feeling compelled to read everyone’s text messages, or look at the latest video someone put on Facebook (not to say that I don’t want to talk to people when I’m home, but its a different vibe to feel).  That has been an interesting experience.

Sherlock also takes up way too much of my time. Tehehe.

Thirdly! (This is my third point, right? I think so.)  I’ve mentioned my kitten a few times. I got Mystique on July 4th and she was just over six weeks old then, which means that she’s just over three months old now. She’s grown so much in the short time I’ve had her and it has been an adventure all around!  She has the most incredible reserve of energy and it’s all I can do to keep up with her. Originally, I was nervous about bringing a kitten home, since I already have a huge ginger cat that is quite settled into his home and likes his space, but apparently I shouldn’t have worried that much. Giovanni has been an absolute angel. The two of them play together and even though Mystique is SO much smaller than he is and never leaves him alone, Gio doesn’t ever hurt her or get upset. I’m very very proud of him for that, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate getting a few days by himself since I’m only taking Mystique with me next week on my trip home!


Fourthly, and lastly, I just want to put out the fact that I have been finding the act and art of writing to be quite difficult lately. I’m not sure where that stems from, or why it is this way, but my creativity has just been less than normal. Story ideas don’t spring from the world around me like they usually do. I listen to music in a different way, as though I’m listening, searching for a particular melody or phrase. I read books and watch movies and tv shows like I always do, but I’m often dissatisfied with it. I am not a person to just drop a movie or book in the middle, but I have done that multiple times in the last few weeks. It’s a strange behavior for me, and something that I’m working on figuring out. Obviously, I will turn it around because living without my inspiration and creativity is absolutely NOT an option for me!  🙂


That’s my ‘brain dump’ post for right now. Maybe now I can get some of those waiting drafts finished and posted soon!





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