Back to Goals…?

I have blogged [fairly] regularly for the last few years, and for the longest time, I would do regularly scheduled goal/update posts, particularly over at Flying Free. Near the end of 2015 and basically ALL of 2016 thus far, I kind of let that go because the whole adventure of a new school and living in a new city was so overwhelming.

School is fantabulous.

But since school let out in May, it’s been more challenging to keep a focus in my life and I decided on a whim yesterday that making goals for July would be a wondrous idea. How could it not be? And sharing it online with the whole wide world could only be better, right?


1. Participate in Camp Nanowrimo for the entirety of July.  I’m not really worried about winning, just about sticking with it. That’s all that matters.  Let’s not talk about the fact that I still don’t exactly know what project I’m working on.

2. Be completely prepared for my horse’s arrival. This involves building fences, setting up feed supply, and arranging transport for the horse. Kind of a big project, but important!

3. Be more fit and healthy. An ongoing goal, obviously.

4. Cut down on waste in my own home, recycle more, and start becoming more self sufficient. Living in the country for 10 years makes it hard for me to not have a garden or chickens, or whatnot. Lots of ideas here.

5. Get a kitten. I’ve wanted this for a long time, and provided that Monsieur Giovanni (the feline king of my house) continues to be approving, this is in the cards.

Overall, I just want to be more productive and focused in my passions. Also, my birthday is in July, so that is awesome!

Do you make goals regularly? How do you go about it?





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