A Different Vacation

Last week was the week I had been looking forward to ever since school let out. It was the week that I had requested off from work and planned for because it was my week of vacation! Granted, I spent practically the entire time at my parents’ farm, so it may not have been the ideal/dream vacation, and I certainly had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to do this summer, but this one turned into quite the lovely time.


This is my pony. MINE!!!

Obviously the first thing I do every time I go back to the farm is hug my horses. Even though I take lessons at a super nice barn and spend time around really fancy horses, nothing compares to seeing my own ponies when I get back. This girl is Lady and we’re nearing 9 years together. I grew up on this horse and although she’s getting a bit wild and crazy since I moved away, she still gives me hugs and lets me play around on her the same as always.

Being in the country is a vacation in itself!  I’m not really a city person to begin with, so it wears on me after a while. My parents’ place is 15 minutes minimum from the nearest town, plus set a little ways back from the road, so its super quiet and relaxing.


There’s kittens and chickens and my dog, Major, who I’ve had for 10+ years, lots of grass (at least compared to the west side of Texas), and its so QUIET. I just could not get over how much I took this for granted before I left home last winter.

I played the piano for the wedding of an acquaintance, so I was able to practice on the instrument that I’ve had since I started playing (at 4 years old).

The only person I missed seeing was my younger brother, who is currently out of the country on a summer mission trip, but my other (even younger) brother loved having me down and I actually kind of appreciated the chance to spend some solo time with him.

My favorite boy. (Shhh, don’t tell Giovanni.)

Seeing my best friend, my adopted second family, and going shopping in the Dallas metroplex were also fantastic fun things that I did while being back in East Texas.

I’ll talk about some of the details some other time, but I also had a bit of a breakdown the day before I left because I absolutely did NOT want to come back to adult life. My rent was due, I dreaded work, and my life here has minimal horse contact which I crave a lot of the time. It really would not have been that hard to arrange to move my place back to the farm and just stay for the summer, going back for next semester. Not to say that my life in the city is all that bad, but I miss home quite a lot.

Anyways, that’s the summary of my vacation. It was nice to relax and spend some time with my favorite peoples.

P.S. Both Finding Dory and Now You See Me 2 were definitely worth the watch!



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