Waking Up Motivated

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.  ~T. Roosevelt

Motivation is a funny thing. Do you ever scroll through Facebook and see a pretty picture with a fantastic motivational quote on it? Yep, me too. Do you then smile, click ‘share’, and maybe even add a few words of your own about how this made your day or inspired you?  Yep, me too. But then, after all that, how often do you actually set your phone down and actually put that ‘motivational quote’ to good use?  More often, we just continue scrolling through social media without making a single change whatsoever to our life.

This past weekend went by excruciatingly slow. We did not have a lot of business at work, yet we’ve been short staffed, which meant that I spent a lot of time standing around with nothing to do, yet worked double shifts most days. It was lovely.

Sometime in the middle of my Sunday shift, I got way too tired of standing around. I got home around 3pm, slept for an hour, got up and proceeded to clean and organize my desk.

Note: whenever I get the motivation to actually clean my house, the desk area is the last to get cleaned, if it ever does. The fact that I started here is a strange thing indeed.

Anyways, I spent the next six hours cleaning the remote corners of the study area of my house (I really need to do a bit of a house photo tour one of these days…), broken up with episodes of a t.v. show. In fact, it got to be 10pm, I yawned, and then realized that I hadn’t had anything to eat since my Chinese dinner the night before.  Upon that realization, I went to bed and slept the rest of the night.

Somehow, I woke up with that strange motivation the next morning and the remainder of the living room and dining area got cleaned as well before I had to be at work. It was odd.

But the thing is, that some days I wake up with some incredible motivation and just get stuff done, and other days I wake up, roll over, and go back to sleep because that’s what sounds more appealing. Those are the hard days, the ones where I rewatch awful t.v. shows, scroll through Pinterest and Facebook constantly, and half-heartedly play with my cat while ignoring the pile of dirty dishes in the sink and ‘forgetting’ to make the bed.

It’s completely okay to have a lazy day once in a while, but you’ll probably agree with me that if you don’t force yourself off the couch at least for a little while during the day. In fact, on these days when I have zero motivation, I often find myself coming up with excuses not to cook myself food (this is different from when I forget to eat) and instead snack on chocolate and other less-healthy foods most of the day to hold me over. Cooking is for when I’m feeling good and have the motivation and the proper time frame to do it.  And due to my irritatingly-long list of health problems, not feeding myself properly is extremely detrimental to my health.

So tell me, do you go through this as well?  I have a few ideas to combat this in my own life, and I intend to write a follow up post in a week or two, but for now, what do you do to keep yourself motivated on those days that you wake up in the completely opposite spectrum?


Apologies for the sort-of brain dump. It’s what was on my mind, and I felt like sharing it with the world, odd as that may seem.


1 thought on “Waking Up Motivated”

  1. I go through the same. In Fact more than you have mentioned above. You just need a push always. The moment you realise that you are starting to lay off, remind yourself that there will be peace, food and sleep as soon as you finish off with your work. Once you start working, nothings gonna bother you. Its just the urge to start that you need.


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