You Truly Are Capable

Do you ever go through the day wondering ‘WHY am I doing this?’

‘Is this truly going to matter in the future?’

‘I’ve done so little in my life. Look at what s/he did! They are so productive and purposeful!’


Stop that. Stop that right now.

Because you see, you have done something with your life. You’ve made it this far, you have interacted with people, you have changed the course of the future, whether it be the future of the world, yourself, or those around you.

If you read my last post about finding myself, then you saw that I’ve been going through some tough mental stuff lately. And sometimes, in those tough times, I look at myself and wonder how much of a point there is to what I’m doing with my life.  I write a few hundred words late in the evening, but feel like my story project isn’t going anywhere, so obviously I’m a failure, right?

Well, it dawned on me the other day that sure, my writing progress seems slow right now. Its not easy to finish a story, and nobody finds it easy. But then I looked up from my computer screen and saw, sitting quietly, tucked between a few music dictionaries, a paperback book that had my name printed on the spine. I cried in that moment because I realized that it doesn’t matter whether I ever become a world renowned author. It doesn’t matter if I ever finish another story in my life. Because my words are already in print. I’m already published and THAT is an amazing accomplishment. Not simply the fact that I can pick up a book that has my name on it, but that I completed a project. I made my dream come true.

All that truly matters is that you pursue something that you love doing. Progress is always slow and rarely satisfactory. And that is a-okay. If you talk to any fitness instructor, they’ll tell you that you have to be patient and keep working in order to see positive results. On that note, I work out fairly regularly, but I’m not in it to lose weight, and my body type just doesn’t work well for showing muscles. It’s not easy to stay in a program because almost none of the progress I make is physically visible. That’s hard!

All of this to say BE PROUD of who you are right now. If you’ve been working on something for a while and find yourself discouraged about it, look back a few months and see how far you’ve come. If you want to start something, take a leap of faith and get started!  You’ll never regret it.



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