In Going Forward, Part Two

Note:  This post will not be quite as full of rambling nonsense as yesterday’s, but it will be on the longer side. Again, consider yourself warned.

Now, I am probably the WORST person in the world at making friends. Literally, I just can’t even. It’s bad. Either I’m super shy and don’t talk to people and just wish I could be friends with them (this happens a lot) or I get brave and talk to someone that I think I like, they talk back, and then I’m ALL over them and they MUST be my best friend in the entire world.

Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but its true. I’ve lived in Lubbock for over six months and I probably only started considering a few of my acquaintances as friends in the last two months. Obviously there are the people at work, but as the semester progressed, I really wanted to make more friends within the school who shared my specific interests. But its SO hard. I did my best to learn people’s names, introduce myself to people that I ended up sitting next to in classes, and would try to participate in random conversations that would take place before class started or small discussions that would happen on the way out of a class.  Nothing really seemed to stick, though. I couldn’t find very many people that I really wanted to be friends with, and that is actually quite important to me – I need to really feel connected to them.

There was a girl in my theory class, who was also in my history class that was super sweet, and we would share notes every once in a while if one of us wasn’t in class or something.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am one of two undergrad students in my piano studio class. Not only that, but the two of us are the only non-foreign students in our studio, AND we’re on a very similar degree path. Therefore, we obviously hit it off fairly well, and since we’re going to be in most of the same classes all the way through our time here, we definitely need to be friends. We’ll see what happens there, but we do have a lot of the same interests, so I’m hopeful that we can become better friends next semester and continue that way for the next few years.

I’m also required to do accompaniment work every semester, and the school assigns me to someone that needs a pianist. The prospect of being paired up with someone I DID NOT KNOW absolutely terrified me, but I shouldn’t have worried because, as it turned out, I got along quite fabulously with the guy, and we’re working together next semester again!

Alongside my music degree, I’m working on getting an equine science certificate, which requires, obviously, equine classes. Who knew. Anyways, I was in a horse judging class this spring, and in April, we took a four day trip for clinics and competition. This sort of thing requires long periods of time in a bus together, and just forces people to talk to one another. And that is how I met my new fantastic friend, whose name I will not actually spell out, but if she’s reading this, she knows!  It’s a bit sad that we attended class together ALL semester, but only became friends in the last month before she left for the summer. Ah, life, don’t you have wonderful timing. She rides for TTU’s equestrian team, and hopefully we’ll be riding together in the fall. Exciting!

Even college has ponies!!  ❤ 🙂

There are also the people I work with on a regular basis and a few of these I would call my friends. Working in the restaurant business is hard because workers are always coming and going – its rarely a long term job, and that makes it hard to keep up with everyone you work with.  But I’ve gone out with them a few times, and always enjoy it, so I do have friends there.

We dress up and go out sometimes. See?

Okay, enough about friends. Now that school is out for the summer, what in the world will I be doing with myself for the next three months?  Welllll…. I’m not entirely sure. I will definitely be working more hours at my current job and possibly finding a second job that will allow me to squirrel away as much money as possible to pay for the next year of school (and a hopeful study abroad program next summer?!).  At the end of June, I intend to move my own horse out to West Texas so that I can get her back in training and maybe show her next season. That would be fabulous.  My best friend and I are planning a bit of a vacation together which means I might get to actually get in the ocean this year. Also fabulous!

Apart from that, I don’t have a lot of summer plans. I’ll need to keep up my piano practicing, which will mean driving up to campus a few times a week in order to keep my fingers limber and in shape for the fall. Hopefully, there will be time to spend on my other hobbies such as painting and writing!  July Camp NanoWrimo, perhaps? It would be awesome if I could get a second novel finished and ready for publishing, but who knows, right? There just isn’t a lot of time for that in the midst of a busy semester.

And next semester? I’m definitely looking forward to that!  If everything works out according to plan, I will be able to leave my job and focus solely on school. This might involve getting a part time job on campus, but it would totally be worth it. I do intend to try out for the school’s equestrian team, and of course there will be my own horse to take care of and ride/train. My accompaniment work for next semester will be preparation for a recital, and I want to step up my game as far as my solo piano skills. I’m enrolled in choir, which is very exciting, and my equine class for next semester will focus on nutrition, which is something that interests me a lot.  Definitely very exciting!

So there you have it. I’ve basically covered an entire year’s worth of happenings, plans, and whatnot. Hopefully, I can get back to a regularly scheduled program of posting here, at least over the summer. Guess we’ll see what happens there though!



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