Continuing to Be an Adult

I realize that I skipped a few days in between blog posts again. Whoops. I started with regularly scheduled rehearsals, which was tough to add into my schedule and some things just fell by the wayside in the process. Last week I had to make a last minute trip home in order to be with my family, and that just made it even harder to open up a blog post again.  Honestly, the last few weeks have been so crazy that I can’t even begin to explain what’s going through my head. For right now, I’ll just try to give an objective accounting of what’s been going on.

The wedding that I kept mentioning over the last several blog posts was technically only two and a half weeks ago, but it really does feel like forever ago to me. Probably because of everything that has been going on in the time since then.

There is just over a month left to this semester and I don’t think that I’ve ever been happier to see a semester end. Not to say that I haven’t enjoyed it because I have. Attending this school has been one of the greatest experiences of my life…. and its also been one of the steepest learning curves that I’ve ever been on.  I’ve stretched myself to the limits this semester and now I know what has to change in order to really succeed next semester. Which is basically to say that I learned a lot of what NOT to do this time around and I’m super excited for the Fall semester to come around.  After I’ve had the summer off and taken a nice vacation from stressful schedules and such like.

The other thing that I’ve kind of failed at lately is Camp NanoWrimo. WHOOPS. Part of this is due to the fact that I misplaced my computer and then was so busy that I never managed to find it. Well, I found it, and I plan to actually get started on my project tonight. Better late than never, right?

Anyways, till tomorrow, y’all!


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