What’s In The Heart?

After the lovely weekend that I told you about yesterday, I was driving home on Monday afternoon and I caught sight of a sign pointing towards a completely different highway. This one was headed in a north-west direction and something about it appealed to me. As I stopped for lunch, I could not stop thinking about what adventures might be waiting for me along this different route. As I got back into my car and headed onto the road again, I came very very close to taking the adventurous exit and never going back home. After all, what did I have to lose? My cat was sitting in the back seat watching me, I had enough clothes and food in the car to last me a few days and enough money in my bank account that I could live for a while without trouble.

There is a confession I have to make.  I have a gypsy’s heart.

I’m moody, I love to wander.  If I can, I’ll spend the rest of my life traversing the globe, with bare feet, loose and tangled hair, and singing the entire time. And even if I don’t literally become a “real” gypsy, I will always live my life as if I were. Because what other way to live is there?

As a child and teenager, I often filled a backpack with snacks and water, hopped on my bike, or sometimes on my horse, and wandered off for the day. I lived for those days, those moments when I felt like I was part of the world and nothing could stand against me.

Dancing, music, flowers, laughter, joy, sincerity, beauty, and love are just a few of the things that should dominate our lives. If not in that way, then how are you going to live your life to the full?

If I ever disappear for good, you’ll know that I’ve run away and become a true wanderer.


2 thoughts on “What’s In The Heart?”

  1. That would be a glorious existence! Instead we all let ourselves become tied down by responsibilities and things /we don’t even want/. My goal in life is to have the kind of life that is simple enough that if I feel an itch that can only be scratched by buying a plane ticket, or filling my car with gas, I can just up and leave ❤

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