When You Realize

For Easter weekend, I traveled back to North East Texas in order to be a part of a darling friend’s wedding. Along the way, I ended up as part of one of my favorite family get togethers and enjoyed some much needed time in the relaxing atmosphere of the country. Come Monday morning, it finally struck me just how crazy busy my schedule gets and how much living in the city has changed how I look at things. It’s starting to get to me.

Thankfully, since I got back, everything seems to be doing better. I’ve had a few moments when life attempted to overwhelm me, but its only taken a moment of remembering the calm atmosphere that I experienced back home and I do better again.

The craziness and the city life have gotten to me in such a way that I’ve started to be more tense and uptight about… well… life in general. My best friend tells me that I drive differently since I moved and I believe her. I stress out more than I used to about leaving on time in order to get somewhere when I want to. I schedule out almost every hour of my day because that’s just how I get the most done. Yesterday I left the house at 8:30am in order to be able to stop at the library for some computer time before my 9:30am class. Between classes, practice time, stopping at the hospital (twice) to see a cousin, and driving, I did not make it home until 9pm that night. And although I had brought several snacks with me, I didn’t have a single meal yesterday. Why?  Because the entire day was spent going from one place to another until I had exhausted all my energy.

City life, college life, or just a busy schedule. Whatever you want to call it – I’ve got it and I’m not entirely sure how to go about keeping myself sane sometimes. It’s not always a conscious realization that my life is so busy, but it is a truth that I have to remind myself.

Now… I’m off to find a snack before the next item comes up on my busy schedule!




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