Planning Ahead: Writing in April

I haven’t wanted to talk about this just yet, but here goes… I’m planning to do Camp NanoWrimo in April and I’m really stoked about it. Also nervous.

Now, at first glance, maybe its not such a big deal. I’ve done Camp Nano before and even participated in the official November event. But think again. I’m taking 15 credit hours at university, working to pay the bills, and busy riding horses, doing homework, and fitting in as much piano practice time as I possibly can. I spend a maximum of 4-5 hours at home on any given day (other than the time I’m asleep) and I have zero social life. Where am I ever going to fit in this extra writing time to make it through camp? And win too! (Of course i want to win!)

Sooooo…. its a bit of a big deal. And I want to do it anyways! Am I crazy? Yes. Yes I am.


Now that I’ve told you that I’m planning to do Camp… what is my project going to be? Let me share my thought process thus far.

1) Should I go traditional and write a new story? I could use one of the many plots that I have saved to yWriter, or wing it with a random idea that I hope will come to me somewhere between now and the first of April!

2) I could be “non-traditional” and do an editing project or short story collection, right? Secrets still needs a good editing and Donovan is in similar shape. And I really need to get started on that short story collection, which includes writing new ones and editing the ones I already have. Either option sounds like a whole lot of fun!

3)  I’ve only ever used Nano for actual writing! I don’t think I would know how to handle editing at a strict pace like I do for writing. But hey, it sounds like a blast! And terrifying.

4)  I have so many stories that need to be edited and worked out. I don’t need another first draft of something lying around. Its got to be editing this time around. Definitely editing.

5)  What about that awesome idea I had last week that absolutely needed to be turned into a novel? What if I want to work on that one!


I guess that is all to say that I really have no idea what I really will end up doing. Hopefully I figure it out soon!


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