Totally honest here. I am THE WORST at keeping a project like this going. I’ve tried so many times to work out a strategy that would keep me blogging regularly and none of them worked. The main reason was not that I had higher priorities, but that I couldn’t stick with my chosen focus. All sorts of blogging guides tell you to choose a fairly narrow focus that will earn you niche readers and allow you to make some profit from your work.

Yeah, not working for me. Sorry. Maybe if I had time to actually pursue that, but I don’t, and I’m quite happy with my low-key blogging habit.

I made a post on Facebook earlier today mentioning that I was re-straightening out my focus. A lot of that has just been defining who I am as a person. So here you go.

I am an introvert, an equestrian, an author, a college student, a pianist, a creative gypsy soul. I have an imagination and plenty of wild dreams. I live with an autoimmune disease and mental health disorders. These things are who I am and they define every area of my life.

And I want those things to come through in my writing. I want that to be the person you see when you make your way through my rambling posts.

Obviously, that’s a whole lot of ranging ideas to bring into one blog, but that’s okay. The equestrian side of me remains over at Flying Free, so that is one idea out of the way! You can follow me there if you so wish.  But I came up with one sentence that sums up everything I wish to have freedom with here on L’Art Classique.

The journey of an amateur author and university piano student balancing a creative life around autoimmune disease, mental health, imagination, and immense dreams.

Yeah, maybe not the best sentence ever, but its okay. We’ll work with it and maybe I’ll tweak it until I really like it.

There is a big portion of that sentence though that I want to point out. I’ve never openly acknowledged my health struggles on social media or the internet. A lot of people look at me funny because of how I talk about those struggles, but the honest truth is that I have ignored them for far too long until it became more of a shameful secret that I kept. Last week, my body turned on me, I had a major relapse, and it really changed how I was thinking about life. It caused me to realize that these struggles are also a part of who I am. Autoimmune disease and mental health disorders are both things that are not cured, but managed. In order to properly manage my health, I need to embrace that this is who I am. It was a huge mental shift, but its really made me feel better about myself and about my life.

I will likely post again next week after I take a few days to re-evaluate and process everything. From there, who knows what will happen!



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