This weekend, I am heading across the state to “host” a party for a good friend of mine. I’m going to be the maid of honor at her wedding on Easter weekend, and its my job to throw her bachelorette party. That in and of itself has been an adventure, since nobody involved lives very close to each other and I’m planning it from 8 hours away. It’s been loads of fun! I can’t post anything about what we have planned for the weekend since the bride in question reads this blog and I am supposed to be surprising her, but I’ll recap some of the fun we had next week some time.

So for the last few months, I’ve been giving support and assistance where it is needed and doing various things to help prepare for this wedding. And the biggest thing I’ve been doing in this area is sewing. Yeah, I’m sewing the wedding dress. It may be the biggest, most insane, and most important project I have ever taken on in my life. Thankfully, the design is fairly simple, but even so, I’m doing this work from across the state, therefore unable to fit the dress as specifically as possible. I also have a love/hate relationship with satin because of how much effort it takes to keep the seams smooth and not snag the fabric. So far, so good! I’m taking the almost completely finished product with me this weekend. Hopefully it fits well, I can finish up the hem while I’m down there, and the dress can stay behind with the bride. If I did my job well, that is!

Other than those things, I’ve had to get my own outfit put together. I purchased and received my dress a few weeks ago and thankfully it fits well! I have three pairs of boots that I can wear, so its just a matter of making sure I get the entire outfit put together properly. No real issue though.

The last thing I have to take care of sometime soon is going to be transportation and lodging for the wedding weekend, since its not in my hometown. That should be lining up soon as well.

That is an update on one of the bigger happenings in my life right now. Hope it wasn’t quite too boring!


1 thought on “Weddings?”

  1. I didn’t find it boring at all 😉 I like hearing about the ‘big things’ happening in bloggers lives…it makes them a bit more human. I also can’t BELIEVE you sewed the wedding dress yourself. I can’t even sew a pillow case…but a custom wedding dress??? On top of everything else you do??? You are superwoman. Not joking. You are.

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