Character Sketch {Original Content}

Today I thought would be a good time to share with you one of my character outlines that I use when working on a longer story or novel. To be perfectly honest, this is one of my less detailed versions. I couldn’t exactly use one of my fuller ones because they often contain a great deal of information about the plot of the story that the character is in. Sorry, no spoilers!

Now, if you have read my novel “Rebellion Under the Stars” then you’ll recognize the character in this sketch as being Marzena from that story. However, this is not the Marzena you met there. This is a younger version from a set of short stories that I’ve been working on.

To give you an idea of how this sketch changes as I get into more detail, I’ll describe the process. The bullet point list that I have here is based off a set of questions that I’ve collected (maybe one day I’ll share that with you too!). I spend a lot of time imagining myself as the character, trying to understand what they would do in various situations. Some people like to make up random scenarios for their character to handle and use that to help with the character sketch. I do this as well, but I like to turn them into short stories, almost flash fiction sometimes. This really gives me the chance to develop the character and get to know them better.

Anyways, after I create this bullet point list, I will go back over it and create full sentences and paragraphs, describing each point and analyzing it. And yes, I have notebooks and computer files full of this stuff. It’s quite satisfying.

Sorry for turning that into a novel of sorts!  Enjoy this glimpse into the beginnings of my character development.

Marzena Amara – PDF File


Also, just as a warning, I will be taking a break from writing here next week. I need the chance to catch up on a few things. Like my FB page if you want to see more content from me during the next week, but no blog posts on here. See you on Monday, February 29th!


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