Weekly Review #3

Since I accidentally missed last week’s review, I’ll try to make up for it here. Somehow having a hoard of blog posts written up and stored away doesn’t help when you don’t have enough time on an internet connection to release them to the world.
Anyways, the last two weeks have been crazy and good all at once. Last weekend part of my family came down to stay with me, which was an adventure, and then I got dragged down into the darkness that is never being home during the day, always studying, going a bit crazy and working too hard. In fact, this past weekend, I worked five shifts in a row and will be going back for another one as soon as class gets out this morning.
I didn’t exactly make goals for last week, so there is nothing to say on that point, but I am making a few for this week.

Make sure all my homework is ready and turned in properly.

Spend more time at home cooking and hugging Giovanni (my cat).

Put in 12 hours of piano practice time.

Continue finding reasons to smile, no matter what.

The next week shouldn’t be too crazy. Valentine’s Day is on Sunday and since I work in fine dining, that will make me busy for most of the weekend, but several of my classes were also cancelled so that should even things out a bit, right? I certainly hope so.

My word for this week is BRILLIANT. And no, I am not using Doctor Who as my inspiration now. Absolutely not.


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