First Impressions – University

The spring semester started last Thursday. I don’t about you, but I was excited and nervous all at the same time. It was an interested feeling. I knew already that I loved this university, but I had not been able to meet any of my professors yet, or actually look for my classrooms. The campus at Texas Tech University is huge, one of the largest in the country, and very beautiful. Of course, I’m sure it will be even more beautiful once spring kicks in.

Parking is the only thing that has been a pain so far. I did not get a parking permit (yet) so I’ve been parking off campus and walking to my classes. Note what I said in the first paragraph about the size of the campus? I am so grateful that most of my morning classes are near the edge of campus and very easy to get to. The farthest I’ve had to walk was fifteen minutes to the mathematical building. The music building was even closer.

My first class of the week is Music Theory II on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I was probably most nervous about this class because its been almost two years since I took Music Theory I and I did not keep up with it in that time between. My professor is really nice, a Juliard graduate, and he is very straightforward about teaching, which should help me. This will be one of my harder classes, but the homework load isn’t too heavy, which is good.

My second class is also on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – Music as Cultural History I. This class is the largest class I’m in at 90-something students. Unlike a lot of people, I actually enjoy Music History and this one should be fun, although there is a lot of homework and studying to do in it. I’m excited about this one.

The basics of music theory. Getting back into it after two years is hard!

On Tuesday and Thursday, I start with Contemporary Mathematics. This is the final core class that I will ever have to take. My teacher is a graduate student at the college and he seems to follow the same lines of thinking about math as I do, which makes me extremely happy!

After mathematics, I have Aural Skills II, which goes hand in hand with Music Theory. This class covers skills like sight-singing, notating music, and putting Music Theory into practice. My teacher for this class is also a graduate student at Tech, and I really like her. The most nervewracking part of this class for most students is the fact that we have to actually sing in front of the class, but it never bothered me too much before, so that should be alright. This one will also be fun.

On Tuesday afternoons, I have an hour long private piano lesson and on Thursday afternoons, I head over to the university barn to have a riding lesson on the horse I am leasing. I also have to fit at least 2 hours of practice time per day on the piano, all done at the college in the practice rooms. On Wednesday nights, all my piano instructor’s students meet for a studio lesson/meeting.

Tuesday and Thursday nights, I have an Equine Selection/Evaluation class, which in the very basic sense, teaches you how to judge horse shows and classes. It is going to be a very insightful and enjoyable class, with a lot of time spent outside of class on various projects.

How well was I prepared? I think that time-wise, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. But mentally, I felt really calm. I took great notes for everything, organized stuff as soon as I got home and never felt crazy about any of my classes.

I am very excited about this semester! On Sunday night, I drove up to meet a friend who also moved out here for the spring semester (different college though) and we went on and on to each other about the joys and struggles of college life. It is going to be a crazy one, but I’m looking ahead and being very ready.


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