Weekly Review #2

Over the weekend I actually did a wide variety of things. I had three different shifts at work (because money!), put in some preliminary homework, cleaned almost the entire house, and then spent the second half of Sunday with a college friend from another town. I enjoyed myself immensely! How was your weekend?

This quote got me through last week because it reminds me of who I need to be, no matter what is going on or who is around me.

“The sunrise, of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it.” – Gene Amole

My goals last week were to (a) follow up on my semester prep list, which happened! Success here!; (b) Write myself a week ahead on blog posts, which other than this one, is done!; and (c) Improve my online interaction as the author of my blogs, which did not happen! So, 33% for the week? Not bad at all.

What did you accomplish this past week? I managed to start university without any hiccups, earn a little bit of money, get my house chores done, and stay motivated!

This next week is going to be crazy hectic. While I won’t have a lot of shifts at work, the ones I do have will be squeezed in along with everything else. I have my full school schedule this week, which is heavy, plus a concert/masterclass/course that will take up Friday night through most of Saturday afternoon. I’m going to be running hard and pushing hard and it will be tough.

My goals for this week are…

  • Take a little bit of time every day for artsy projects.
  • Get my textbooks in and organize homework assignments.
  • Finish getting all my books and papers into a semblance of order.
  • Don’t let the house fall apart. Keep it tidy and clean.

I’ve decided on something new. In an effort to keep myself focused, I’ve chosen to select a single word for the week so that I have something to live by. This week, my word will be TRUST.


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