Semester Prep

Yesterday I mentioned that school starts this week and I also listed the classes that I would be taking. Unlike a lot of people, I was blessed enough to live at home while I went to a community college, giving me a head-start on university. Now that I’m out on my own and starting at a major school, things are a bit different. With that in mind, I decided to lay out my basic strategy to prepare for the semester.



I have done quite well lately in staying on top of what I need to be doing as of late. I get my blog posts out on time, I keep the house fairly clean, and I have a bit of free time. But since I’m about to add a lot of class time and study time to my week, its only going to get harder to keep up with those things. So I need to be more than just “on top of it”. I need to be ahead. I want to be a full week ahead with writing blog posts. I want meals planned and prepped if possible. I want to be ready to succeed, not just pass.



Slowly, my desk/study space has been coming together. I’ve been organizing it, using it, tweaking it, etc. I’m jotting down the times when I tend to be the most lazy/have the least to do. Those should be turning into study times if possible. There is a backpack by the door that I am starting to grab every time I go out – it is also slowly being stocked with essential things for classes and studying on the go. Time is money, save it every way you can.


Last week, when I first drafted this post, I had only heard from my piano instructor. Since yesterday morning, however, I have heard from another two professors, so we are well on our way to completing this. Get textbooks early, use the syllabus to plan your calendar, and get started on the right foot with your teachers. It will pay off later – at least it does for me!


I am guilty of going about this all the wrong way sometimes. I make plans and schedules but don’t actually start putting them into practice until whatever I’m planning for actually comes around. There is a reason that I’ve been getting up at 6:30 every morning for the last week and a half and doing a short workout before I write at 7:30am. I’m building a habit that will actually stick once I start classes (note that I am not one of those insane people who takes 8am classes. Just no). Start in advance with building good habits. They are not easy things at all.

I will be writing posts regularly about how I am handling/surviving college life, so we can see if these prep tips actually helped me get off to a good start!


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