Weekly Review #1

This past weekend was not a typical weekend for me. Two of my best friends made a road trip across the state to spend a few days with me, so I got very little done. Sort of. It was fantastic having them here, so I did not care, of course. My stories did not make any progress, but I did stick with my morning commitment of writing blog posts for at least 30 minutes in the morning. Those 30 minutes have been a recent habit so being able to stick to that is success, at least in my book.

This next week has one big change coming up for me. School starts back up. I just moved to West Texas in order to attend Texas Tech University and classes start on Thursday of this week. Other than that, working, horseback riding and writing will be the main focus of my time the next few days.

This semester my schedule is quite full. I am taking 15 credit hours, but since half of these are music classes, the practice time outside of class is going to be extensive. The full list of my classes this semester is Selection and Evaluation of Horses, Contemporary Mathematics, Piano Studio Lessons, Small Ensemble Accompaniment, Music as Cultural History, Elementary Aural Skills, and Elementary Music Theory. At least two of these classes will involve writing papers, which is something to take into consideration since I spend so much time writing already. Also, since I don’t have a piano in my home, I will have to be diligent about scheduling practice time into my day that does not involve excess driving.


My goals for the next seven days are as follows.

  • Follow up on my prep list that will be posted here tomorrow.
  • Write enough blog posts that I am at least a week ahead.
  • Start following a few more blogs <in my niche> and improve my online interaction.

Even though I could make a fairly long list of things I want to get done this week, that is not a good idea. I have a long running to-do list on my desk, and these three goals for the week are going to be plenty to do.

Whether or not you plan every week out, or just every day, or planning is not your thing at all, let me know what you have going on this week! School is starting in several areas, or there might be something totally different in your life. Everyone is unique and different!


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