Finding the Niche

If you research anything along the lines of “starting a blog” or “blogging successfully” then you will very quickly run across the word “niche”.  You need to have a focus, a specific subject to blog about on a regular basis. I wholeheartedly agree with this piece of advice because if you really want readers to come back to your little corner of the internet, you have to give them something that they are looking for. Consistently. If you just ramble on about different things every week, you’ll be hardpressed to gain many regular followers or regular readers.
This blog post is not to add to that piece of advice, but rather to explore my own journey in following it.
I mentioned in my welcome post that I also write about my horse adventures over at Flying Free. Really that is my personal blog and I write about my entire life on there, but the thing is, I’ve built up a decent readership made up of mostly equestrians/other horse bloggers. I read their blogs in return and while we are all interested in each other’s lives and will read whatever goes public, we do expect horses to be involved in the mix somehow. Because that’s the niche that I’ve gotten myself into.
This blog has been the result of a lot of trial and error (see my previous writing blogs for example) and for some reason, when it comes to this creative/writing niche, I have a hard time narrowing down my focus properly. I think part of that is simply due to the fact that, unlike a lot of people, I not only write but I paint, draw, sew, decorate, play music, and dabble in every single possible creative outlet there is. And when I need to focus on only writing, I find it difficult. Even when writing a story, I use my other artistic pursuits to help. I don’t just write character descriptions, I make sketches of the characters. I’ve made some impressive sized maps of the countries I made up. My writing isn’t an exclusive hobby, its something that is intertwined with many other things that I do.
(I understand that this post is getting slightly drawn out and boring, but I did want this to be here for future reference.)
So how is L’Art Classique different from my past attempts at a blogging niche?
When I wrote my opening post, I touched on this.

“…I plan to chronicle the process of writing… expound on the wonderful influence of coffee and chocolate, wax philosophical about seemingly random subjects, go on miniature rants about the good/bad points of living in a small space, and make certain that we all have a bit of fun.”

Life is beautiful and living life can be an amazing work of art, something that I think has been lost in recent years. That is where I am coming from with this new design and different focus and that is what I want all my blog posts to tie into – the joyful, classically inspired life of a young artist. We’ll focus on that journey. I feel that it is broad enough to “allow” most of the posts I would like to put out, but mostly still focused enough for what I want.


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