Welcome to L’Art Classique!  The most basic translation from French to English is Classical Art, a tiny phrase in and of itself that appeals to my heart.

I’m Katharine Marie, and I’ve been blogging for several years. There is the possibility that you might have read some of my stuff from my former blog. I kept running into a brick wall with myself over there, so I decided that a new year means a fresh start. And here we are!

I’m a college student in her early twenties, studying music, teaching, various other artistic pursuits, and equine science. In fact, I write about my horse-related activities at Flying Free, if you’re interested in that.

Writing is most definitely my main creative pursuit, almost nearly tied with my piano work, and I have one book published, with two more ideas planned to come out in 2016.

Here on this blog, I plan to chronicle the process of writing the aforementioned projects, expound on the wonderful influence of coffee and chocolate, wax philosophical about seemingly random subjects, go on miniature rants about the good/bad points of living in a small space, and make certain that we all have a little bit of fun.

I’m Katharine Marie, and I welcome you to L’Art Classique!  I hope we can appreciate this strange thing called life in a similar light together!



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